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Sent From Disneyland is a podcast for everyone who wants to learn more about Disneyland, the park’s Imagineers, and first-hand guest experiences. We will journey into the past to explore Disneyland history with mementos, snapshots, and postcards sent from Disneyland from 1955 to the present. Learn More


SFD150: Sent from Holidayland Sent from Disneyland

What holiday is celebrated in Holidayland? Any holiday! This week we head just next to the park and look at Disneyland's Holidayland. Below are some of the regulars on Art Throw Down, Follow all of them on Instagram anyway for great art and postcards in your Instagram feed: hipstadufus luluvision jlynch9923 greenmosspaper georgemailsart state_of_the_funyun RussRomano2021  
  1. SFD150: Sent from Holidayland
  2. SFD149: Sent in 80's Tomorrowland
  3. SFD148: Sent in 70's Tomorrowland
  4. SFD147: Sent in 60's Tomorrowland
  5. SFD146: Sent in 50's Tomorrowland

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