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Your “Post Host” Clocky

My name is Clocky and I am the “post host” of the Sent from Disneyland Podcast. I began collecting Disneyland postcards after attending a vintage paper fair over 10 years ago. I started sending the unused vintage postcards from the park to old friends and new friends I met on Instagram. Looking at the used postcards I decided to make a podcast to share the postcards and their stories. Describing the front of the postcard, reading the messages on the back, and talking about the details of the park hours, weather and a bit of Disneyland history, the podcast was able to breathe life back into the postcard. On top of having around 1000 sent postcards, I also have a collection of vintage maps, ticket books, and other ephemera which I use for researching episodes. If you see me in the parks say hello, and if you need a postage stamp I usually have a few extra.


The Sent From Disneyland Podcast seeks to provide a listening experience to anyone interested in diving deeper into Disneyland History.


My vision is that listeners will feel more knowledgeable of, and connected to, the long and complex living history of Disneyland, Disney Parks, and Disney Imagineers.

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