SFD223: Sent on the First Float Sent from Disneyland

Continuing on with a special Disneyland Postcard series, but also starting journey into the America on Parade parade. Some fun history and the first of a few episodes about this parade. Also check out @mrdaps @dapsmagic and @disneyrewined for some Tokyo Disneyland coverage. Below are some of the regulars on Art Throw Down, Follow all of them on Instagram anyway for great art and postcards in your Instagram feed: Hipstadufus, luluvision, jlynch9923, greenmosspaper, georgemailsart, state_of_the_funyun, RussRomano2021
  1. SFD223: Sent on the First Float
  2. SFD222: Sent via the Santa Fe
  3. SFD221: Sent with Rings n Things
  4. SFD220: Sent in a Locker
  5. SFD219: Sent on March Third

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